carlos gonzalez perez

No digital manipulation, no distortion lenses or double exposure in my photographs

Born in Spain and living in London.

Since my childhood, I have been searching for alternative lifestyles, travelling extensively, always trying to learn from my interactions with new people and new environments. This way of life led me to photography and my photographic style. It has allowed me to get closer to communities and subjects that are important to me.

Being an urban nomad and a self-taught photographer, my approach to photography has evolved in a very particular way, forcing a clearer sense of what I want to achieve: a space where the constellation of all possible meetings and encounters comes alive together.

Drawing on my intuition, the camera is solely a means to document what I see with my own eyes. I do not use digital manipulation, distortion lenses or double exposure as creative tools. I want to show to the viewer the other realities that already exist. One does not have to manipulate them, merely change the way we look.

Over the years I have been able to delve deeper and discover more layers of realities which allowed me to blur the boundaries of these different spaces to become one.

I like to play with the viewer's perception of what they think they are seeing and make them question the authenticity of their visual reality. Nothing is real and everything is real, nothing has boundaries and we are all boundaries, identity is not and the opposite but a force field of many others.

I seek to capture the natural and, at the same time, unnatural juxtapositions in our lives, a reminder I hope, of the uncertainty and fragility of our own existence.

I invite your comments and questions about my work.


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